[Universal Studio Florida] Jurrasic & KingKong 2015
[Universal Studio Florida] Jurrasic & KingKong 2015

De belles news pour 2015.

Tout d'abord Disaster sera remplacé par King Kong 360

et un E-ticket viendra s'ajouter dans la zone JP

The same article of Orlando United also reveals that King Kong is coming bact at Uni Orlando and that a new E-Ticket ride s also coming at IOA Jurassic Park Island! : "The next Universal Studios attraction has been green lit and be labeled as Project 301. The project has been well underway with iTEC for months and will involve the removal of Disaster. For years Universal visitors have enjoyed this updated yet classic attraction. During its tenure we have seen many of the parks most iconic attractions be removed in order to make way for the next big thing. Well this time it’s a little different as were removing a classic in order to bring back a classic. I am pleased to announce the big man is coming back to Universal Orlando.

King Kong will be replacing Disaster in an effort to completely rebrand the entire park. This custom creation for Orlando will bring the banana breath himself back to the studios in an entirely new way. With a new queue, new preshows, a new RV, a new station, new track, and custom show scenes complete with Kong in the flesh. This attraction is certain to bring some of that classic nostalgia into the park so many say have been lost. This new mega attraction is set to break loose Summer 2015. During that same summer, Islands of Adventure will unleash its updated Jurassic Park area with a brand new E ticket attraction as well."

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[Universal Studio Florida] Jurrasic & KingKong 2015
[Universal Studio Florida] Jurrasic & KingKong 2015
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